At a time when energy demands are evolving and environmental concerns growing, there is a global imperative to provide affordable energy sources that are efficient and clean. Generation mPower LLC is responding to the challenge. Within the shifting landscape of global energy markets, Generation mPower nuclear plants will deliver a solution designed for today's regulatory, policy and financial realities.


BWX Technologies, Inc.

Headquartered in Lynchburg, Va., BWXT is a leading supplier of nuclear components and fuel to the U.S. government; provides technical, management and site services to support governments in the operation of complex facilities and environmental remediation activities; and supplies precision manufactured components and services for the commercial nuclear power industry. BWXT has more than 5500 employees and significant operations in Lynchburg, Va.; Erwin, Tenn.; Mount Vernon, Ind.; Euclid, Ohio; Barberton, Ohio; and Cambridge, Ontario, as well as more than a dozen U.S. Department of Energy sites around the country. Follow us on Twitter @BWXTech and learn more at www.bwxt.com.




Bechtel Power Corporation

Bechtel is one of the world's premier engineering, construction, and project management companies. Since its founding in 1898, Bechtel has worked on more than 23,000 projects in 140 countries and all seven continents. Today, its 55,400 employees are teamed with customers, partners, and suppliers on hundreds of projects in nearly 50 countries. Bechtel has served the nuclear power market for over 60 years, has worked at more than 150 nuclear plants worldwide and has provided services to over 85% of the U.S. nuclear fleet. Today, Bechtel has more than 3,000 employees working on nuclear projects. For more information, visit www.bechtel.com.

Generation mPower LLC is a joint company formed by affiliates of BWX Technologies Inc. (BWXT) and Bechtel Power Corporation (Bechtel) to design, license and build the next generation of nuclear power plants based on BWXT mPower™ reactor technology.




The BWXT mPower™ reactor design is a scalable, small modular, integral pressurized water reactor (iPWR) in which the nuclear core and steam generators are contained within a single vessel.


Generation mPower believes this technology can be certified, manufactured and operated within today's existing regulatory, industrial supply chain and utility operational infrastructure.


The Generation mPower electric generation plant has the capacity to match customer demand in nominal 195 MWe increments for a two-year operating cycle without refueling, using standard pressurized water reactor (PWR) fuel.













The BWXT mPower reactor is being designed with advanced technology and important safety systems.


  • Integral nuclear system design incorporates lessons learned from existing nuclear reactor fleet
  • Passive safety systems are not dependent on external electrical power
  • Less than five percent enriched fuel is industry standard
  • Secure underground containment reduces consequences of aircraft impact or natural disasters

In addition, the reactor's water-cooled condenser, underground containment and small site footprint all help minimize environmental impact.


Integrated and simplified NSSS

  • Internal steam generator and CRDMs
  • No need for safety-grade backup power
  • No external pressurizer
  • Conventional core and standard 17x17 fuel
  • No postulated large pipe break Loss of Coolant
  • Accidents (LOCA)





BWXT established its Integrated System Test (IST) facility in Bedford County, Va. The facility is located at the Center for Advanced Engineering and Research (CAER) at the New London Business & Technology Center.


The facility is designed to collect data to verify the reactor design and safety performance in support of licensing activities with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The facility contains a scaled prototype of the BWXT mPower reactor.


All of the technical features of BWXT's mPower reactor are included in the IST, although the source of energy is electricity rather than nuclear.





Generation mPower offers a skilled workforce through an integrated supply chain in its existing facilities that will design and fabricate the NSSS components, reducing direct costs and streamlining construction.

  • Integrated reactor modules
  • Multi-unit (1 to 10+) plant
  • North American shop-manufactured
  • Rail-shippable nuclear steam supply system (NSSS)

The modular and scalable design allows Generation mPower to match the generation needs of our customers with the proven performance of existing Light Water Reactor (LWR) technology.


With fewer components and systems, overall reliability is enhanced and affordability improved.


The scalable design offers flexibility so that multiple reactor modules can be aggregated to support local customer requirements and infrastructure constraints.




Generation mPower has submitted a number of topical and technical reports to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and continues to progress the design, engage with the NRC,  and participate in SMR industry groups to advance the licensing of the mPower small modular reactor.






Simplified operations and maintenance

  • Sequential partial-plant outages
  • Standardized balance of plant
  • Security by design - reduced staffing

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